TERRITORY Bellaria Igea Marina

    Bellaria Igea Marina is situated in the heart of Romagna, in the middle of the Adriatic coast between Rimini and Cesenatico , close to Santarcangelo , Cervia, Cesena, Ravenna and Riccione, full of events , clubs , playground parks, restaurants and pizzerias most famous of Italy. The beaches of Bellaria Igea Marina are the safest for children and babies thanks to the excellent lifeguard service and the shallow water . Then the Blue Flag guarantees the quality of the water. The local cultural center stretches from the center of Bellaria to Igea Marina, where the elegant “Isola dei Platani” is the heart for a green walk where you can find bars and shops that brighten up the streets of the town . The port channel will show you the most genuine soul of the local traditions , here you can buy fresh fish directly at the fishermen counter asking for advice on how to cook and taste better fresh Adriatic fish . Famous playground parks of Romagna are a short distance , one of the most beautiful and admired of Europe is Mirabilandia, then also Aquafan , Oltremare, Le Navi Aquarium, Little Italy and Fiabilandia. Immediately behind the sea you can discover a wonderfull hinterland : the ancient Republic of San Marino , the city fortress of San Leo , where he lived the last period of life Cagliostro Count , the fortress of Montebello famous for the legend of Azzurrina’s gost, Montefiore with the Malatesta Rocca and Santarcangelo , where every year in July there is the Theatre Festival and in November the famous fair of St. Martin , better known as the “festival of beaks ” … you will be enchanted by the beauty of these places and the innate hospitality of their inhabitants !


    Rimini is a city to discover. The old town is full of palaces and monuments dating back to Roman times ; In Ferrari Square you can visit the famous ” Surgeon’s House ” , an archaeological site very important for the discovery of the largest dental surgery instruments from Roman times . Bridge of Tiberio is nearby the domus and connects the historic center of Rimini with the village of the fishermen , now rich in rustic inns , wine bars and taverns where you can taste the grilled fish and surrender to the atmosphere that, in these places, have seen the birth of the great Federico Fellini. Rimini was the pride of a skilful and courageous leader, a refined intellectual , Sigismondo Pandolfo Maletesta . Impatient with the rules and authority , he commissioned Leon Battista Alberti to build a temple in which Christianity and paganism could live together , challenging the patience and the honor of Pope Pius II Piccolomini , who did not hesitate to inflict excommunication. In Rimini you can visit Sigismondo Castel, Tre Martiri Square , Cavour Square, Gambalunga Palace , Garampi Palace , the Pigna fountain , the clock tower, the shrine of St. Anthony, the Old Pescheria , Amyntor Galli theater …


    The new Rimini Expo Centre is one of the biggest and most modern in Europe with its 450,000 square meters of exhibition halls and conference rooms ; The calendar is full of the most important specialized reviews of the entire planet , from gastronomy , sports , tourism , engines , ecology and the environment. Many unmissable events attract thousands of visitors every season of every age and class .